Monday Emma Kate had her first doctor’s appointment. The nurse had never seen a baby with blonde hair! EK weighed in at 5lb 2oz, so she hadn’t lost much weight since leaving the hospital. However, the doctor wanted us to increase feedings to every 2 hours and also increase the amount of each feeding from 30ML (1 oz) to 50ML. The doctor said she still looked jaundice, so she sent us over to the hospital to get another bilirubin test for jaundice. At 7PM the doctor called and said that she still hadn’t gotten the results. At 9PM she called from home saying that the bilirubin test came back a little bit higher than on Friday, but that she wasn’t concerned about it at all. We were all relieved.

I just found out today that our friends Kate & Justin had to spend Monday night in the hospital so their new baby, Robert, could spend 24 hours under a Bili lamp for jaundice. We didn’t even know they were there!


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August 23rd, 2006

First Dr’s Visit and another hospital visit


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