It’s about 5AM and Emma Kate and I have been up all night. She’s eaten a bunch, burped, had wet and poop diapers, and let out plenty of gas. For any of you who don’t have babies, don’t believe anyone who says that a baby’s poop doesn’t stink. That’s FAR from the truth. And I believe the gas smells even worse than an adult’s. All you can do is laugh about it, especially at five in the morning. Fortunately grandma’s getting a shower and she’s volunteered to take the next shift. I really don’t know how we will manage once the grandparents go home at the end of the week. How does anyone cook, keep a house clean, wash clothes, work, and take care of a baby? I’ll be posting in a week to say whether or not it’s possible!

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August 27, 2006

All night…


Emma Kate was delighted to get a visit from her friend Brittain Friday evening. Brittain brought her mom and grandmother with her, along with a wonderful Ritz Chicken Casserole and a big batch of special recipe brownies that she slaved over for hours!

Alison shows off EK to Valerie and Jackie:

Isn't she cute?

EK shows off her newly acquired bottle holding skills:

holding bottle 2

holding bottle 1

Alison and Emma enjoy a fun playdate with good friends Valerie and Brittain:

moms & daughters 1

moms & daughters 2

Be sure to check out Brittain’s blog to read her story and meet her family.

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August 27, 2006

A visit from Brittain


Emma Kate had a blast spending the week with her Nana & Papaw shop. She was sad to see them go back to Knoxville this afternoon!

Papaw & Emma Kate:

 Papaw & granddaughter

Just chillin’ with my grandparents:


Nana, Papaw, & baby:

 Sitting with Papaw & Nana Oran

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August 27, 2006

Nana & Papaw