**UPDATED 1/24/2007 – substituted 3 higher resolution scanned photos in place of lowrez digital ones.** 

These were a gift of Nana & Papaw Oran at the JCPenney photo studio in Knoxville a few days after Christmas. Emma Kate with cousins Jake and Megan:

EK in green dress

EK in chair

all 3

all 3 again


EK in white and pink dress



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December 29, 2006

Pictures at JCP with Jake and Megan


On Christmas Day after lunch we drove to Lenoir City, outside of Knoxville, to celebrate Christmas with Alison’s side of the family. Emma Kate slept almost the entire way!  

Jake opening a gift:


Megan opening one of her’s:


Emma Kate and Aunt Kaye playing on the ottoman:

Kaye and Emma Kate

Nana, EK, and Aunt Kaye

Papaw and Uncle Tracy lounging on the couch:

Quentin and Tracy



Nana, EK, and Aunt Kaye

Nana loves B&W photos, so this is for you:

Nana and Emma Kate

Nana and Emma Kate

Nana opening her digital picture frame and Jake explaining what it is:

Nana and Jake opening digital picture frame

opening digital picture frame

Fun times with Papaw Oran:

Papaw and Emma Kate

Papaw and Emma Kate

papaw and EK

Jake and Emma Kate:

jake and ek

Emma Kate, Megan, and Jake:

EK, Megan, and Jake

EK and Mommy

Aunt Kaye, Jake, and Emma Kate:

EK, Aunt Kaye, and Jake 

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December 27, 2006

Christmas at Nana and Papaw Oran’s


Emma Kate’s first long road trip was the 4 hour drive to Grandma and Grandpa Kirkland’s house for Christmas. We had planned to leave on Friday afternoon. At about 9PM, when the car was almost packed, we decided it would be better just to go ahead and sleep one more night in Georgia and drive Saturday morning. Emma Kate slept for about 3 hours of the trip. She was the perfect little rider. I knew how long the trip could be if she wasn’t asleep or happy for most of it, so I was extremely grateful when we arrived without any crying at all!

After we got there, we opened gifts with my sister (Dee), her husband (J.), their son (Addison), their daughter (Madeline), my brother (Jay), his wife (Donette), and their son (Jadon). Here’s a pictorial account of the 2 days in South Carolina.

J., Addison, Madeline, and Jadon:


Donette holding Emma Kate:

Donette and Emma Kate

Donette, EK, and J.:


Jadon watching Emma Kate:

Jadon and EK

Jadon’s funny look:






The Angel (with her shirt opened to cool off!):

Emma Kate

Emma Kate

Emma Kate

Dee, Grandma, and Donette:

Dee, Grandma, Donette

Playing w/ mommy

Playing w/ mommy

A very difficult “cousin” shot:


in daddy's arms

Emma Kate with her Aunt Dee:

Aunt Dee

Playing with Aunt Dee

Sleeping on Grandma


mommy and baby

baby emma kate

daddy and baby

beautiful baby

Emma Kate’s very own Christmas tree:

EK's Christmas tree

Grandma just can’t get enough of her:

with grandma

with grandma

with grandma

Jadon loves his Superman laptop we gave him:

jadon playing w/ his laptop

Emma Kate’s first Christmas present:

grandma and ek

Chubby girl

chubby girl



An adorable photo of Emma Kate and Jadon taken on Christmas Eve (or the day before):



Isn’t she gorgeous?:




My cousin Kelly holding EK:

Kelly and Emma Kate

Granny (my dad’s mother):

Granny and Emma kate

Granny and Emma Kate

Jadon, Grandpa, Granny, Emma Kate, and Uncle Junior (my dad’s brother)

Dad, Jadon, Granny, Junior, Emma Kate

Uncle Junior and Emma Kate

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December 25, 2006

Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Kirkland’s


Right before Christmas in South Carolina, Emma Kate and Jadon (my nephew) spent an hour at the Picture People in Columbiana Mall. She was determined not to smile, no matter how silly the photographer, her parents, or her Aunt Donette and Uncle Jay were. However, Jadon was able to make her smile one time for their picture together.

Stocking full of Emma Kate

Emma Kate with her Parisian outfit

Emma Kate and Jadon 


December 24, 2006

Picture People photos with Jadon