Emma Kate was an angel her first day of daycare. She was definitely the cutest girl on the block. Mom had to work for the first time in 12 weeks. As you can see, Emma Kate LOVES her bunny hat. :-)

 cute pink outfit

i love my bunny hat

cute and fussy

Her second day of daycare. Isn’t she adorable?


Aunt Kaye and cousin Megan hang out for a couple days:

Kaye, Megan, and Emma Kate

Kaye, Megan, and Emma Kate


Nana and her pea in a pod on Halloween Day:

Nana and Emma Kate

little pea in a pod

Nana, Papaw and the little pea in a pod:

Nana, Papaw, and Emma Kate

Mom and baby pea:

Mom and baby

mom and baby

mom and EK

Just adorable…

baby pea in a pod

baby Emma Kate

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October 31, 2006

Daycare, Flynns, and Halloween


I’m a slacker. I haven’t updated the blog as often as I should. Here are a bunch of photos over the last couple of weeks. As always, click to enlarge:

Baby Papasan swing


still swingin'

being held by Nana

Giving mommy sugar




bath time

bath time fear

I'm not enjoying this bath

Nana and mommy bathing Emma Kate

a bath makes me silly

I look cool in this robe

post-bath robe

 just chillin


on mommy's shoulder

with daddy

with Nana

Emma Kate meets Mudpie

Emma Kate and Mudpie




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October 27, 2006

Lots and lots of photos


We’re members at the First United Methodist Church in Griffin, GA. Alison & I joined the choir a couple years ago, and are so grateful to have a core group of friends there that we love doing stuff with. Amazingly, 3 out of the 4 couples that hang out together got pregnant at the same time. And the 4th couple is pregnant now! Valerie & Dan gave birth on July 13 to Brittain Olivia Gill. We gave birth to Emma Kate on August 15. And Kate & Justin gave birth to Robert John Evans on August 16. (They already have one daughter – Leah.) Steve & Erin are parents of Will and are expecting their second in February.

Friday night we went to a fabulous party at Justin & Kate’s. Kate’s desserts were heavenly! If you need a caterer for any event, contact me and I’ll put you in touch with her. We spent the night laughing and playing Cranium.

Everyone at Kate & Justin's 


Kate (holding Robert), Valerie (holding Brittain), and Alison (holding Emma Kate:

Kate, Robert, Valerie, Brittain, Alison, and Emma Kate


Sunday after church we (everyone except Steve & Erin) joined Seth & Tara at Spicy Thai for lunch. The portions are small, but the food’s good.

Tara, Seth, and baby Brittain:

 Tara, Brittain, and Seth

The rest of the crew:

Alison, Emma Kate, Kate, Robert (hidden), Valerie, Brittain (hidden), Justin

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October 23, 2006

Those crazy church choir friends


Today Emma Kate her first unpleasant doctor’s visit. She had four painful vaccine shots. Alison cried about as hard as Emma Kate did. But it was only 30 seconds of screaming (from EK) and the pain was over. You couldn’t help but feel bad for the little girl. She was laying there without a care in the world and all of a sudden she feels not one, but 4 separate jolts of pain in her legs.

She is continuing to gain weight and is now up to 11 pounds 7 ounces! She’s in the 75th percentile. She didn’t get any taller this time, but her 21.5″ is still above average and the doctor thinks she will continue to be slightly above average height.

In two months EK goes back for another painful round of shots. Poor girl!

The pediatrician recommended a product called Gripe Water by Baby’s Bliss to help with her fussy spells. I found some at one of the small local pharmacies and we’re going to try it out. I’ll let you know if it works.

We can’t really tell if the chamomile tea is helping. At least it pacifies her while she’s drinking it. Beyond that, we’re not sure.

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October 18, 2006

Ouch! The two month checkup