Warning: If you’re tired of seeing pics of Emma Kate, then just skip this post.

Emma Kate loves to dance in her sleep:

sleep dancing 1

sleep dancing 2

sleep dancing 3

Not much bigger than daddy’s hand:

not much bigger than a hand 

Sometimes she doesn’t mind getting her diaper changed:

diaper change 2 

diaper change

Do you think she’s daddy’s girl?

daddy's girl 

“Oh my!”:

oh my!

Wishful big eyes:

 big eyes

 looking in daddy's eyes

The look of hunger:

open wide

Right before Bradley & Alison go out to eat (El Charro) for the first time post-pregnancy:

 The Kirkland Family

Nana babysits while they’re gone:

 Nana & Emma Kate

Macy drops by to meet Emma Kate on her way back from GSU:

 Bradley, Macy, & Emma Kate

She’s keeping the thumb close to her mouth just in case she needs it:



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August 25, 2006

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