Because she was 6 weeks early, Baby Emma Kate got to spend her first 10 hours in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), and then moved to the Special Care Nursery (aka Step Down Nursery). About 24 hours after she was born, she had already graduated to the regular nursery with full-term babies. She’s quite the little champ!

All hooked up to monitors:

 All hooked up in the NICU

Where did this blonde hair come from?

 Blonde hair

Getting her first physical:

 Constant monitoring in the NICU

The scary looking incubator:


Baby’s first feeding – they were expecting to have to put her on a feeding tube, but she was able to eat straight from the bottle right away:

 Baby's first feeding

Bed #12 in the Special Care Nursery:

 Special Care Nursery

See a video with her in a cheerleading pose (if you’re wondering, it’s because she was breech and her legs will straighten out in the next couple of days!)

And if you’re a grandparent (those are probably the only ones who care this much!), see a video of her first case of hiccups.



August 16, 2006

Just chilling in the NICU & Special Care Nursery