Today Emma Kate Kate had her second doctor’s appointment. She was a champ this week and gained 10 ounces! That brings her weight up to 5lbs 13oz. She also grew to 17.5” (a half inch in a week!). The doctor said she looks as healthy as can be and told us that we don’t need to bring her back until her 2 month checkup.

Tonight she’s been really good. She hasn’t cried at all. I don’t mean to say that like she’s usually not good. She was just fussier than normal the last two nights, and I’m guessing that was because she had gas. It certainly wasn’t her fault!

Grandpa went home Sunday night because he had school today, but Grandma is staying with us all week. We certainly appreciate the help! Next week will be so much more exhausting without anyone here to assist with feedings, diaper changes, laundry, and other household chores. Does anyone else want to volunteer to stay here? We’ll give you a bed to sleep on and let you watch anything you want on TV!

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August 29th, 2006

Dr. Appt #2


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