When Emma Kate was first born the nurses kept joking about how long her umbilical cord was. They called it her “jump rope” (as you can in one of the videos!). Well, on 8/26 (this post was backdated) the rest of her umbilical cord fell off and now she has a belly button! Yay! No more jump rope!

jump rope


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August 26, 2006

No more jump rope


Warning: If you’re tired of seeing pics of Emma Kate, then just skip this post.

Emma Kate loves to dance in her sleep:

sleep dancing 1

sleep dancing 2

sleep dancing 3

Not much bigger than daddy’s hand:

not much bigger than a hand 

Sometimes she doesn’t mind getting her diaper changed:

diaper change 2 

diaper change

Do you think she’s daddy’s girl?

daddy's girl 

“Oh my!”:

oh my!

Wishful big eyes:

 big eyes

 looking in daddy's eyes

The look of hunger:

open wide

Right before Bradley & Alison go out to eat (El Charro) for the first time post-pregnancy:

 The Kirkland Family

Nana babysits while they’re gone:

 Nana & Emma Kate

Macy drops by to meet Emma Kate on her way back from GSU:

 Bradley, Macy, & Emma Kate

She’s keeping the thumb close to her mouth just in case she needs it:



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August 25, 2006

cutie pie


Alison has been recovering wonderfully from the surgery, pregnancy, and all of the sleepless nights and days. However, yesterday she strained a muscle in her abdomen and now she can barely get up on her own. She walks around fine but just using her stomach muscles to move up and down is very painful. The percocet isn’t seeming to help any!

I’ve had to work part-time this week, so we’re both thankful that her parents could help out. However, we’re both dying to see some of our friends. I know Alison has cabin fever and is really ready to be part of the normal world. If any of you are in the Williamson area, please call us up and drop by. (Note: this doesn’t apply to people reading this blog that we do not know!)

Emma Kate is sleeping about 20 hours a day which is what the doctors want. She burns too many calories while she is awake. She has a very healthy appetite and would eat all day if she could!

Thanks to all of you have posted comments on the website and have sent emails. I think we’ve had 80 friends leave very nice comments and an additional 100+ people send emails. I don’t know if we’ll have a chance to write all of you back, but I’m going to try. Thanks to all for showing your love and concern. We truly appreciate it!

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August 23, 2006

Alison (aka newest mother in the neighborhood) & an update on life with EK


Monday Emma Kate had her first doctor’s appointment. The nurse had never seen a baby with blonde hair! EK weighed in at 5lb 2oz, so she hadn’t lost much weight since leaving the hospital. However, the doctor wanted us to increase feedings to every 2 hours and also increase the amount of each feeding from 30ML (1 oz) to 50ML. The doctor said she still looked jaundice, so she sent us over to the hospital to get another bilirubin test for jaundice. At 7PM the doctor called and said that she still hadn’t gotten the results. At 9PM she called from home saying that the bilirubin test came back a little bit higher than on Friday, but that she wasn’t concerned about it at all. We were all relieved.

I just found out today that our friends Kate & Justin had to spend Monday night in the hospital so their new baby, Robert, could spend 24 hours under a Bili lamp for jaundice. We didn’t even know they were there!


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August 23, 2006

First Dr’s Visit and another hospital visit