It’s in between feedings and I finally have the chance to post more photos of Emma Kate. Sorry it has taken so long. Thanks to all of our friends who have posted tons of nice comments and sent many sweet emails! Emma Kate really feels loved!

Special Care Nursery:

Special Care Nursery

Grandma Kirkland:

Grandma Kirkland

Grandpa Kirkland (my parents don’t always wear matching shirts!):

Grandpa Kirkland

Nana (or is it Mimaw… not sure which she wants to be called):


Papaw Oran:


Black and white… by request (from Nana):

B&W Emma Kate

in the car

Alison (who is recovering quickly from surgery!) and Emma Kate pose in front of the giraffe:



Southern Regional has a beautiful nursery:


Room 2112…not such a comfortable place to sleep. Why don’t hospitals think about making a comfortable place for husbands? I’d gladly pay extra for a comfy bed! Mom didn’t complain that much, but her bed didn’t look comfortable either!:

hospital room

Emma Kate, tucked snugly in her carseat, is about to be taken inside her home for the first time by her excited and anxious mom. Poor EK had to sit in this carseat for an hour at the hospital while she was hooked up to monitors to make sure was getting enough oxygen in her blood. And then she had to spend another hour in it for the ride home.:

at home

Arriving at home

The beautiful going-home-from-the-hospital outfit was way too big since we weren’t expecting a preemie. Thanks to Erin & Steve for the adorable frog outfit that fits perfectly.:

car seat


None of the nurses at the hospital had seen such blonde hair on a baby. I think at least 4 of them stopped by the NICU to see it.


Emma Kate praying…not sure if she praying that her dad quickly learns how to be a father…that she gets food soon… or that she will never have to spend another night in the hospital:

Praying 2

Sometimes she looks big and other times…well, she looks like a little package:

Little bundle of joy 1

Bundle of joy

Proud Grandma drove a long way just to spend an hour with Emma Kate:

Grandma Kirkland

Yes, we stole the hospital blanket. I suggest you do, too, b/c they’re great for swaddling. The soft, stretchy, pretty ones you buy just don’t work as well:

 cutie pie

Grandpa is wearing the same shirt he did the last time he saw her!:

 Grandpa Kirkland


August 22, 2006

Finally more photos…


After a full day at the hospital, Emma Kate was released to go home at about 7PM on August 18. After testing high on a jaundice screening, she had to have blood drawn to get an official reading. Fortunately, it came back low enough that the doctor didn’t make her stay a few more days. I think it’s something we’ll have to monitor for a week or so. Hopefully no more.

I’ll try to upload more photos and videos tomorrow!


August 18, 2006

Home at last!


Because she was 6 weeks early, Baby Emma Kate got to spend her first 10 hours in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), and then moved to the Special Care Nursery (aka Step Down Nursery). About 24 hours after she was born, she had already graduated to the regular nursery with full-term babies. She’s quite the little champ!

All hooked up to monitors:

 All hooked up in the NICU

Where did this blonde hair come from?

 Blonde hair

Getting her first physical:

 Constant monitoring in the NICU

The scary looking incubator:


Baby’s first feeding – they were expecting to have to put her on a feeding tube, but she was able to eat straight from the bottle right away:

 Baby's first feeding

Bed #12 in the Special Care Nursery:

 Special Care Nursery

See a video with her in a cheerleading pose (if you’re wondering, it’s because she was breech and her legs will straighten out in the next couple of days!)

And if you’re a grandparent (those are probably the only ones who care this much!), see a video of her first case of hiccups.



August 16, 2006

Just chilling in the NICU & Special Care Nursery


The first case of the hiccups:

 (click to play video)

first hiccups

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August 15, 2006

The first hiccups (video) 8/15/06