My Granny (Emma Kate’s great grandmother) had to be put into the hospital in Augusta a few days ago for congestive heart faliure. Emma Kate thought it would brighten her day to drive 3 hours to visit her. Granny looked really good and Emma Kate enjoyed the visit. She doesn’t get to spend nearly as much time with Granny as she wants, but every time is a real treat. Hopefully next time she visits her she won’t be in the hospital, though!




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March 9th, 2008

Visiting Granny in the Hospital


4 Responses to “Visiting Granny in the Hospital”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Thank you Bradley. I love the prictures. Alison said your grandmother got to go home. I hope she is doing better.

  2. Quincy Says:

    Wow, how she’s grown. She’s beautiful and wow, those eyes! Our prayers are with you and yours.



  3. Valerie Says:

    Great to see some updated pictures! I thought you had given up blogging! I just can’t get over those big blue eyes and that curly blonde hair! She is a doll and I know you all are having a great time with her!

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Bradley…she is BEAUTIFUL…you and Alison have been blessed!! I can’t wait to meet her!

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