Yes, I’ve been horrible at posting in a timely manner. That’s the reason for so many blogs failing. If you have a blog, certainly don’t follow in my footsteps. Fortunately, if you haven’t been checking the blog often, you might not have noticed that it set without changes for about 6 weeks. Why is this? It’s the dirty little secret of blogs – backdating. You can change the date of any post you write. It comes in handy for people like me who do a whole bunch of posts at one time. At least they appear in good chronological order.

So the reason I’m giving up my secret is so that you don’t miss a post. Sometimes I post more recent items first, and then add older ones. Just be sure to glance around every once in a while and you might discover a post in the archives!

That’s the blog lesson for the day. Class dismissed. 

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January 5th, 2007

Blogging secrets


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